What we do

We implement these Voluntary programs in different communities targeting various sections of people depending on funding available. Most programs here are supported by donors and partners both Local and International.

A. Household Mentoring Program
B. Community Tourism Program
C. Abroad Volunteers Placement
D. Disaster Risk Reduction Management
E. Advocacy and Human Rights Services
F. Research and Publication Services
G. Uganda Youth Dream Program

We offer these services to institutions like Schools, NGOs, CBOs, Local Governments, Churches and Business Institutions on Request, Contract and Understanding.

1. Research in Health, Education, Agriculture, Governance and Leadership
2. Institutional Capacity Assessment
3. Organisational Strategic Plan development
4. Resource Mobilization/Fundraising strategy development
5. Project Planning/Proposal writing
6. Institutional Leadership & Management Training
7. Conflict Management & Conflict Resolution
8. Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy Development
9. Other Specialized/customized training services

Any Campaign needs three things; Plan, Money and People. We offer services that will help you to get the three. We offer these services to those engaged or intending to join political leadership at Parish, Sub County, District and National Level. The service is provided on application, contract and understanding.

1. Campaign Plan and Strategy development
2. Campaign Budget and Resource Mobilization
3. Campaign Research
4. Campaign Polling
5. Campaign Management Training
6. Manifesto Development and Presentation

We offer Capacity building services to churches irrespective of denomination, faith or beliefs. Our aim is to facilitate church growth in terms of leadership and governance, service provision to vulnerable sections of people, maintaining peace and protecting the rights if its people.

1. Church Building
2. Stewardship and Accountability in the church
3. Marriage and Family
4. Addressing Modern Challenges to Christian Ministry
5. Developing a church vision and Mission
6. Building Strong Church Leadership Teams
7. Building a Healthy Church
8. Counselling as a Pastoral Duty
9. Strategic Church Planning and Management
10. Developing Management Systems for your Church
11. Church Strategic plan development and facilitation
12. Christian Response to Disaster and Emergency Planning
13. Conflict Resolution and Peace building in the church
14. Human Rights Based approaches to Church Management and Development
15. Planning and Management of Household and Community Development Initiatives
16. Proposal writing and Fundraising strategies for churches

We offer Designing, Branding and Printing options for Individuals, institutions like schools, churches, local governments and business institutions.

1. Magazines, Brochures, fliers and leaflets
2. Books (we offer writing guidelines and printing services)
3. Posters such as campaign posters and advertising posters of all sizes and colour
4. T-Shirts (both Round Neck and Polo T-Shirts
5. Caps (both Polyester and Cotton)
6. Sign Posts and stickers
7. Pens and books
At Uganda Vision Resource Centre we write and publish Development and Empowerment Resources. You can get these resources from bookshops, Venders, our offices and on our website. They include;

1. Preparing for Political Leadership – A book to benefit both seniors and beginners in political leadership.
– Essentials of Success in a political campaign
– Keys to Successful Political Leadership
2. The Teachers’ Successes – A must read for all teachers for success in and out of classroom
3. Uganda the Pearl of Africa- People, Cultures, Religion and Uganda’s Natural Heritage
4. The Influence of Pentecostal Church in Africa – Hand book for all Leaders in the church (Book 1, 2 & 3)
5. Abakundaine (Foundations of Marriage) – Runyankole-Rukiga publication for those who are in marriage and those preparing for marriage.
6. Women’s Answer Magazine – A Periodic Women Empowerment Magazine
7. Youths Voice Magazine- A periodic Youths empowerment Magazine

NB: We offer advertizing services in our Periodic Magazines for individual business, institutions and companies. Contact us through the phones provided.


We offer Website building for institutions such as Schools, NGOs, CBOs, Churches, Hotels, Business (big or small), and Local Governments such as Constituencies, Districts, Sub Counties and Communities. Our fees are affordable for anyone who needs a website ranging from 300000/= to 1,800,000/= depending on Institutional needs.

In the past few years, the amount of people searching services online for schools, churches, businesses and products has skyrocketed. A website is at once the most important lead generator, booking path, marketing apparatus and revenue manager available to the Institution/business owner or general manager.

Gone are the days when a website was just a luxury, it is now essential. We are living in a fast paced, technology advanced world; In Uganda today, many of the working class travel a lot around the country, are getting transfers and new jobs in quite different areas of the country. One thing they search on internet before they travel is the presence of a church they will attend, a hotel they will sleep in, a school where their children will go, and a business centre from where they will buy goods.

These days, almost even any small institution or business should have a website. With costs being extremely low at the entry level, it’s becoming difficult to imagine a reason for any institution/business of any size not to have a website. Any institution/business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.
The Internet Age is in full swing. In today’s world, Development Partners, donors, clients/consumers are more and more likely to expect an institution or business to have their own website. In the eyes of a development partner, client/consumer, having a website is a measure of viability, and of stability.
To the eyes of a development partner, donor, client, customer or consumer, having a quality, professionally designed website is a measure of how successful your business is and how likely you are to remain in business. Small businesses without a website seem ephemeral – fleeting. Another excellent reason to have a website for your institution/company is that it provides you with numerous options for cost effective (or even free) marketing.
In addition, having a website provides your current and potential partners, clients/customers a means by which to measure your worth to their needs, without actually having to visit your place in person. Finally, owning a website enables you to grow your institution/business on a global scale, rather than simply in the local or regional market.

In Uganda, Tourism is no longer an activity for only the Bazungu. It is for me and you and our families. We offer tour services options on subsidized costs for International Visitors, local institutions like schools, churches, organizations and groups to the best of the Uganda’s Natural heritage. We lead you to the best tour destinations in the Western Region of Uganda. Costs are affordable depending on the need, destination of choice and number of days to spend. We provide you with the best and cheapest accommodation options while on your tour.

This is where your Adventure and study trip to the best Safari destinations of Western Uganda begins from. You will be provided with the menu where by choice you will chose where to go and you will be guided by our staff to get to the destination of your dream. Your choice includes destinations like;

1. Kibale National Park (the primate capital of the world)
2. Semuliki National Park (the true birds’ haven) plus Ssempaya male and female hot springs
3. Rwenzori Mountains (the mystical challenge) to the highest picks like Margarita, Speke and Baker
4. Queen Elizabeth National Park (a medley of wonders)
5. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (the ultimate gorilla experience)
6. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (where gold meets silver)
7. Lake Mburo National Park (the whispers of the wild).
8. Several Lakes and Crater lakes in the region.

To know more about our Tour guidance to different destinations visit our Tour Destinations page on our Website http://www.v2040rc.wordpress.com

To access or subscribe to any of our services contact us through Phone contacts: 0772 888 149, 0777005861, and 0752 888 149, 0702 898 136, 0712 888 149. Email contact: v2040rc@gmail.com, s.fenekansi@yahoo.com Website: http://www.v2040rc.wordpress.com


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