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CANADIAN VOLUNTEER WITH ISACVolunteer with Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC), Volunteer on HIV/AIDS Program, Community Development, Youth Empowerment Program, Orphan Care Support, Counseling & Guidance, Women Empowerment, Food Security & Agriculture Practices, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Advocate for HIV/AIDS Patients, Education Support, Teaching in a school, Microcredit projects, Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rural water technologies, Ministry and evangelism, Volunteer in rural communities of Uganda


Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC) was founded by Community Social workers from rural community in Uganda, in August 2012.

The main purpose for UVRC is to work with households, families and communities to generate motivation and the resolve to get out of poverty.

 “The journey to prosperity begins now and it begins with you.”

Thousands of people are anxious to donate their time and abilities but become frustrated because they don’t know where their talents are needed. At the same time, hundreds of Uganda non-profit organizations are seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work. As a service organization, Uganda Vision Resource Centre is here to start you in action.

Our Volunteer Program Description:Uganda Vision Resource Centre is running this  Volunteer Program in the rural communities of Western Uganda. The focus of this service-learning volunteer experience is for volunteers and interns to expand their own knowledge while at the same time helping to educate and support our local community members in sustainable developments. Volunteers will have the opportunity to become fully immersed in Ugandan culture as they live, work, learn, and play among local Ugandan families, staff in both rural and semi-urban settings.

This program is 238.75 kilometers (km) from Kampala Capital City in the hills of western Uganda. In this program with the assistance of our locally trained volunteers you help in the training of other local volunteers to effectively address and educate others about humanitarian and development issues using grassroots methodology.

Working by volunteering on this project in rural Uganda will be challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. Also by serving on this program you help improve the Quality of Life for People in the rural communities of Uganda.

This is a rural community, with dirt roads that turn to sticky mud in the rainy season and dust in the dry season. Boda-Boda taxi bikes share the road with bicycles and animals. As in most parts of Uganda, the community members struggle to meet their basic needs and strive to put their children in school. Main jobs include brick making, selling fruits and vegetables, small-scale animal rearing and other manual labor jobs.

As a volunteer in this program, you will experience traditional Ugandan life and participate in daily activities such as visiting elderly villagers, collecting water from a well, teaching children in and outside classrooms, assisting in the brick making programs, feeding animals, community training, compassionate care to families affected by HIV/AIDS as well as other health outreach programs. These programs serve the most vulnerable community members in western Uganda.

The main focus areas include providing education to hundreds of children in the surrounding villages. Village schools provide English, Math, health lessons to children 3yrs-14yrs old and high school for 15yrs-18yrs. The schools provide not only needed education but opportunities for sports activities, health talks, feeding center and meeting place for the community.

The community development projects including pig and poultry, house construction and repairs, home repairs, health/HIV/AIDS workshops, youth education, animal rearing, water and sanitation (including well and waterway construction) and project planning and management or other skills that can help us transform this community

With our volunteer program we allow you to discover the wonders of the western region of Uganda , while doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in rural Africa, live and work amongst the locals and realize one person can make a difference.

It is important for potential volunteers to understand that the culture in Uganda is quite different from what you are accustomed to. Volunteers should bring with them an easy-going, open-minded and relaxed attitude. Locals are curious, very friendly and social people. While Uganda Vision resource Centre will endeavor to maintain a daily routine, volunteers should understand that things move slowly in Africa (and indeed in rural communities). Relax and enjoy the slow pace. Remember that life in Africa is not as organized and predictable as life in developed countries. Although volunteer work can be very busy and active, at other times work is determined by many number of factors including weather, availability of resources, whether a relevant contact has turned up, cultural activities etc.


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