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Christian Volunteers in Uganda

Christian Ministry Volunteers Program

Amazing Ministry Program for men and women of God who want to make a difference:

WeVOLUNTEERS SUPPORT AIDS SERVICE are the people of Apostles Network Development Mission (AND- Mission). AND-Mission is a Ministry program of Uganda Vision Resource Centre. Uganda Vision Resource Centre is a Christian-based non-denominational Organization, founded by a team of Christian Social Entrepreneurs in 2012 in Kamwenge District Uganda. AND-Mission is aimed at strengthening capacities of Christian leadership and Christian-led Interventions in the fight against injustices, Poverty and Disaster, and so, saving people’s lives.

Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC) in Kamwenge Uganda is a registered non-profit Organization located in the Rwenzori Region of Uganda.

At AND-Mission we provide Christian Ministry volunteers an opportunity to preach the word of God, participate in building capacity of the local ministry teams and help those less fortunate than themselves, without disturbing significantly their work and family responsibilities. Ministry guests serve as volunteers in the community humanitarian projects of their choice. Volunteering is probably the most rewarding experience available and our programs make it available to a wider audience of Ministry workers, pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries.

For those of you who are involved in Christian Ministry work and want to make a difference in the world, to leave a mark wherever you go, to change lives of hearting people, this is the right place to start. Lending your time and skills to the church and to the hearting people in rural communities is hugely rewarding. Our programs combine community voluntary service work with relaxing breaks so you can have time of mission that is rewarding, invigorating and fun. Isn’t that just what you want from your Ministry adventure?

DSC02729DSC01336Our programs:

Each of our Ministry and community development programs will offer you the choice on the number of days to volunteer on the program with desired number of day’s relaxation. The Ministry volunteer work is at carefully selected sites in Kamwenge district Uganda. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and have fun while doing something meaningful and highly rewarding as you work to glorify the Name of the Lord. Here are some great programs that our Ministry volunteers participate in;


Prayer enlists a God who is bigger than any problem, and God has promised to be at our side as we engage the world Jesus sent us into. In Matthew 28:20, He says, “Surely, I am with you always…” So, our ministry volunteers spend an amazing time in prayers with our local communities.

2. ACT

While we depend on prayer, there is much that we can do with our hands as well. For Ministry volunteers, the most obvious place to “act” is locally. Children need teachers and mentors, prisoners need visitors, Youths need counselors, the married need family counseling and hurting people need shoulders to lean on.

Many Ministry workers and small churches also want to act overseas. Partnering with a program like AND-Mission can allow you to take smart action in response to needs around the world. We have deep roots in the communities in which we work, and we are eager to partner with Ministry workers and churches who can share their knowledge and offer their support.


Even the smallest gift can make a difference. It may not be practical for you or your church to tackle the issue in Uganda, start a microfinance bank, or begin drilling clean water boreholes, but everyone or any church has access to the financial resources desperately needed to help accomplish more and saving lives. There are Christians and ministry workers there who live in the wealthiest nations of Christians in the history of Christianity. At the same time, just $50 can help buy clean water for one person for a lifetime. No matter the size of your income or your church, a modest financial or material gift can be life-saving to someone in need.


Advocating on behalf of those affected by poverty and injustice is a powerful way for Ministry workers and churches to reflect the love and compassion of Christ.

Using your influence as a Ministry worker or as a church can maximize your impact. Being a voice for the voiceless helps you to change things in the world by influencing the people, policies, and systems that could have a more dramatic impact on the poor than the local people could ever have.

A Ministry worker or church can stand in the gap for the defenseless and save more lives than any missions program could possibly afford. This kind of influence can be powerful on a local level, where poverty, homelessness, and economic injustice require the church to address the structures that may prevent the poor from improving their lives.

No matter the size of your bank account or your church, God calls you to do something. As the saying goes, what counts is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Thankfully, we can all pray, act, give, and influence for the sake of the gospel.

Explore some of the ways by which you or your church can partner with AND-Mission Program and do more to be the hands and feet of Christ in areas of the world where the need and suffering are great.

Follow your Interest:

DSC01045COMMUNITY SERVICE WITH VOLUNTEERSAs ministry volunteers, apart from preaching, praying and training, here are some examples of the wide range of causes and needs that the non-profit making programs atV40RC support where you can take part: HIV/AIDS, Arts, Children, Cultural projects, Music, Dance and Drama, Disabled people, Disease Advocacy/Research, Elderly, Environment, Health Care, Homeless, Hospitals, Immigrants, Libraries, Mental Health, Health clinics, Prisons, Social Work/Special Projects, Sports, Teenagers, Women’s Groups, Young Adults, Refugee settlement etc.

Ministry volunteers program is open to all who have a desire to implement their ministry calling by God. Don’t worry if you feel you haven’t got the right experience, our team is here to help you as you come along and while you are in Uganda to give you the support and training you need.


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