When you want to become a political leader, it’s a unique decision that you have made. Fully aware of the pitfalls of this profession, you should also see the high points of it. A political career is not easy. But it is not too difficult as well. If you are ready for the grinds of public life, you should dive into the profession.

You don’t need a particular background to be a politician. You just need to be popular, popular because of your actions, your deeds, and your contributions to the society. Seldom do people grow up wanting to be a politician.

How many adolescents have you heard wanting to become the president of Uganda on a serious note!
Before preparing for a political career, ask yourself your objectives. Do you want to serve the people? Do you get pleasure from patriotic activities? Do you love you country? Can you sacrifice your time and energy for a cause that can sometimes be thankless?

Politics does bring fame and glamour. But that should never be the reason to join politics. A common reason many misinformed people have about joining politics is the acquiring of power. Power is what you can use, but not misuse. Power is often considered a ticket to free will. Constitutionally, power of an elected politician is limited.

After you have figured out your objectives, conclude on choosing a political party to join. See if the party complements your ideologies, principles, and ethics. Don’t join a party, because you see a route-map to the top. That’s an incorrect way of entering a political career. Choose a party wisely. If there isn’t any, don’t join any.


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