This book is designed to be an easy to follow guide to help you get started with a political campaign. It is designed to offer tips for candidates and campaign managers in local campaigns. Since we are non-partisan group, all the tips are equally useful to all parties and those with no party preference.

This part provides advice for both campaign managers and candidates. The sections below focus directly on the goal of winning an election. Additional sections addressing how to become a campaign manager are also available in this book.

Should you run for office?
Politics can be an honorable profession for those who run for office for the right reasons. If your motivation is to serve and improve the quality of government, you should definitely consider becoming a candidate. However, political campaigns can be tough on both candidates and their families. Before you run, take a look at these two sections to evaluate your readiness to be a candidate. If you have already decided to run, these sections are still worth a look to help you prepare for the pitfalls you may face during a political campaign.

Making the decision to run part 1 and deciding to run part 2
If you are considering running against an incumbent, there are a few other issues you should consider.


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