5You are now a leader, the political journey has just begun. You want to remain in political leadership. Your first day in a political leadership should be your first day to plan your next campaign agenda.

Description of this book:
Political leadership is a rewarding yet demanding profession, one in which a person needs to be fully prepared. This book focuses on the applied political, social and psychological skills, strategies and resources, which will help to ensure, you are equipped with personal and professional expertise to survive both in and out of the political campaigns. In the book you will find:

An overview of important psychological themes within political campaign such as confidence, motivation and self-esteem; Advice and activities which will show you how to learn and use political, social and psychological skills and techniques directly; A set of public relations factors important for your political carrier success, Team building, campaign preparedness and strategy development

It is rare to find a book on political leadership that actually provokes throughout and stimulates a whole new approach to improving the chances of successful political leadership. This book really is a must read for anyone within the political arena wishing to reach new standards and enjoy greater success in their chosen career. This book is an ideal resource whether it is used as a tool for individual research and studies or as part of a political development focus. The book is written in such a way that it is easy to dip in and out of, with useful exercises to help develop and improve political practice and ideas. A book to benefit all politicians regardless of level, party, skills and experience

The book considers, reflects upon and offers strategies for improving social and psychological aspects, such as motivation, confidence and self-esteem, emotions, mood and stress, and crucially, adapting to change. It reviews, establishing successful strategies concerning relationships and social aspects which fuel and energize successful political race. It evaluates setting goals, learning how to relax, cognitive restructuring and developing mental resilience for the tough journey towards successful political carrier. Finally, it prepares the politician for the ongoing journey towards excellence and success in politics and leadership.

This book should be in every home, every political office and every politician’s library. Politicians find themselves put under pressure by government strategies, constituencies, and their own families, not to mention self-imposed pressures! This book guides the user to identify problems through targeted reflection and suggests strategies to suit the individual. It can be used to be dipped into, or could be worked through; depending on what areas you felt were problematical and of great concern.

Reading this book may change your attitude to your political carrier, your colleagues and most of all, to yourself. It is written accessibly and has a pleasingly irreverent tone, but a warning: it will challenge you to think differently!



  • Buy and read this book. You will greatly improve your political carrier skills
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  • We offer you one-on-one training to develop you personally
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