Book for life strategy is a strategy used by Uganda Vision Resource Centre to raise money to fund its community support projects in different communities of Uganda. Uganda Vision Resource Centre prints a number of publications for sale as a way to generate local resources to implement its projects. The books are sold by volunteers who identify market for books in their communities.

Our Printing and Publishing:
In the printing and publishing sector, opportunities exist for the printing of text books for schools, religious institutions, leadership institutions and individuals, and several other educational areas. Currently, Uganda imports over 90% of its textbook requirement (estimated at over U$7 million a year).

Why use publication of books to support Community project? The challenging question of our time is always “how can not-for-profit organizations whose activities are not often financially profitable, envisage greater medium and long-term financial security”? How can this financial security be facilitated and reinforced?
The financial security of the Non-profit making organization will depend on its ability to;
a) Generate income by sale of goods and services

b) Build up reserves and own capital, to invest it so that it fetches interest.

Without capital/reserves, self financing stagnates, there is very little own income, the organization has no autonomy; dependency on aid is high and increases from year to year. Dependency is maintained and increases.
Where the organization creates capital and own income there is possible autonomy. However, it takes a process. The importance of external income reduces with time. Financial Autonomy will become possible after some year.

Looking for external and local aid to finance community activities should be a temporary action, which ensures the passage of the organization towards financial self-sufficiency.

Uganda Vision Resource Centre employs various strategies available to mobilize resources for its developments;
• Reaching out to donors with innovative fund-raising approaches is the first step.
• Designing program activities to include cost recovery components, where by the beneficiaries pay part of program costs, is a second approach.
• A third alternative is for UVRC to make money through income generating projects.

UVRC will print books and put them into market. Books are sold especially by volunteers who are majority youths. Income generated is used to support various community projects such as Children’s Support Projects, preparing the Community Tourism program, HIV/AIDS Interventions, Disaster Risk Reduction Projects etc.


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