The Teacher’s Potential

Teachers build dreams and aspirations
These days in Uganda many people work hard for only to be underpaid. Teachers too have been working hard for a long time and there times when they feel being under paid. But is there an opportunity when you will be overpaid? It will depend upon the choices you make today. We are what we are because of the choices we made yesterday; tomorrow we shall be different because of the choices we make today.

Teachers, forget your past and embrace your future. You can not waste time regretting the past when the future holds good for you. Stop focusing on problems. Your past is simply a rehearsal for your future. Life will only give you what you are willing to fight for. If you fight for freedom you will get freedom, if you fight for success, you will get success.

Now as a teacher, sit down and write your vision for life; leave it plain, so that every time you read it you will get inspired to work for it. Then make goals and aspirations. Ask yourself, where shall I be in the next ten years, which schools shall my children be studying from, which house shall we be living in, what car shall I be driving, how much savings shall I have made, what standard shall my family be. This will motivate you to work hard. The moment you read your goals you can’t sleep, you can’t walk but you can really run.

Do you understand success? Success comes from God, yes; but success does not come as an accident, success is not a gift but it is a result, success cannot be reached by everyone but only those who run very first to reach it and they work hard. Success is a choice. Success is not a bargain, you have to decide.

It only takes your desire, so you just have to be passionate and be patient. Life has taught me many lessons. One is that success never comes on a silver plate. Life can never be a straight road. Becoming successful means overcoming problems and challenges. Your success is not counted on what you have achieved, but on challenges you have overcome.

What you have to do is the main thing for you as a teacher. Do it three times i.e. Plan your destiny, write it on paper and implement it. We say that do it three times like building a house. For a house you have to build it in your minds, build it on paper and finally build it on ground.

Teachers’ potential to be great investors
In this I will take you to the bible quite often. Ecclesiastes 11:3- 4 reads, “Put your investments in several places, many place in fact because you never know what is going to happen. If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you will never sow anything and you will never harvest anything”.

Look into various options for investment available for you. You can engage in business, agriculture and farming or even build a school in partnership with others. Be willing to learn from people who have done similar investments before. You can also do Network marketing. There are more than 25 million people in the network marketing industry. It is also one of the fastest growing industries today. Network marketing is reaching many countries and attracting in the process many new believers—both as investors and as consumers.

Yes you can. Do you know that some times you look at things the way they are and say, “Why”? When you look at things the way they should be, you will say “why not”, why not me, why not this good house? And why not now? Believe in yourself and say if any one has made it, why not me? And be ready to pay the price. Pay the price in terms of commitment, hard working, getting focused, and doing the main thing.

As you walk the journey to your destiny with school work, I strongly advise you to trust in God and always ask Him to provide you with what is the best. Do you remember what King Solomon asked for? 2 Chronicles 1:7-11 reads “that night God appeared to Solomon and asked, what would you like me to give you? Solomon answered, so give me the wisdom and knowledge to serve your people. God replied to Solomon you have made the right choice.” This was the main thing.

And when God rewards you with success in your works, learn to appreciate, you will win more blessings and favor from God. Do you remember what King Solomon did? 2 Chronicles 2:1 King Solomon decided to build a temple where the Lord would be worshiped, and also to build a palace for him. Chapter 6:1-2 then King Solomon prayed, “Lord, you have chosen to live in clouds and darkness. Now I have built a majestic temple for you, a place for you to live in for ever.”

Teachers, do all your works with love, you will never be disappointed. Love your God, love yourself and be willing to love all people especially your students, and help them to build their potentials. A candle will never loose any thing by lighting another candle.

Loving means living with good character. In good social life, people try to be persons of good character, demonstrating respect for each other and loyalty to the Lord. In the teaching profession all people give and take equally. Character is our true self, and it is the way we act when no one is looking. People of character choose to do the right thing and the main thing. Character is essential to living a healthy and meaningful social life.


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