Publication 4: TEACHER’S SUCCESS


A book to benefit all teachers regardless of level, skills and experience

1Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding profession, one in which a person needs to be fully prepared. This book focuses on the applied psychological skills, strategies and resources, which will help to ensure, you are equipped with personal and professional expertise to survive both in and out of the classroom. In the book you will find:

An overview of important psychological themes within teaching such as confidence, motivation and self-esteem;

Explorations of physical issues related to successful psychological functioning, such as fitness and nutrition.

Advice and activities which will show you how to learn and use psychological skills and techniques directly;

Readily accessibly to a wide audience, including internationally, the book assumes no prior knowledge of psychology. We give specific examples taken from a diverse range of professional situations, always with relevant theoretical underpinning, and the structure allows you to dip in and out of the chapters and sections.

The text provides support to students on teacher training courses at both primary and secondary level. It will also help teachers in their formative professional years.

Reading this book may change your attitude to your learners, your colleagues and most of all, to yourself. It is written accessibly and has a pleasingly irreverent tone, but a warning: it will challenge you to think differently!

One of our readers commented “I picked the book up thinking that I’d better have a look at it as the deadline for submission of my review is looming and… I found myself hooked! Ten minutes later I was still reading for pleasure. I even found myself laughing!”

It is rare to find a book on teaching that actually provokes through out and stimulates a whole new approach to improving the chances of successful teaching. This book really is a must for anyone within the teaching sector wishing to reach new standards and enjoy greater success in their chosen career. The book is packed with advice, activities and reflections. Overall, this is an excellent book that can really make a difference.

This book is an ideal resource whether it is used as a tool for individual research and studies or as part of a staff development focus. The book is written in such a way that it is easy to dip in and out of, with useful exercises to help develop and improve teaching practice and ideas. A book to benefit all teachers regardless of skills and experience;

The book considers, reflects upon and offers strategies for improving psychological aspects, such as motivation, confidence and self-esteem, emotions, mood and stress, and crucially, adapting to change. It reviews, establishing successful strategies concerning health, nutrition and hydration which fuel and energize successful teaching. It evaluates setting goals, learning how to relax, cognitive restructuring and developing mental resilience for the tough journey towards successful teaching. Finally, it prepares the teacher for the ongoing journey towards excellence and success in teaching and in life.

This book should be in every staff room, every school office and every teacher’s home. Teachers find themselves put under pressure by government strategies, management, students, parents, and their own families, not to mention self-imposed pressures! This book guides the user to identify problems through targeted reflection and suggests strategies to suit the individual. It can be used to be dipped into, or could be worked through; depending on what areas you felt were problematical and of great concern.

Final outcomes will have a common thread, that of a happier, healthier, self-confident and therefore more motivated and effective teacher. Mentors will find this book helpful to empower teachers to understand how they think and work and how to control and use these traits to improve their lives and careers. The activities and reflections are thought provoking and lead the individual to solutions and satisfying actions.

While writing this book we identified specific problems that colleagues have had over the years; we wanted to show them they weren’t alone and that there are strategies for improvement out there. We have taken a holistic view of the teacher, one that can be forgotten by an emphasis on final outcome targets.

A good reason for being a teacher:
We all need a good reason for starting something new, and the reason has to be powerful enough to propel us forward, regardless of many challenges that may come our way.

After all, there are plenty of people out there who will tell you teaching won’t work… that you’re nuts… that you’ll never be rich. You may know some people like that… always ready to rain on your parade.

We’ve got big plans for the next phase of our lives, and certainly don’t want to rust in peace by the seaside…we want to travel. There’s a huge world out there we’d love to see. And for that we need lots and lots of money – much more than our monthly salaries provide!

What’s your reason? … Surveys
• Pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s education?
• You want to financially help an elderly or ailing relative?
• You want to buy your own car?
• You want to own your house, free of debt?
• You want to develop yourself personally?
• You want to help others achieve their dreams?
• You want to give more to your church or favorite charity?
Whatever your dreams, teaching’s a great “vehicle” for you to get there safely.



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