Apostles Network Development Mission

We are the people of Apostles Network Development Mission (AND- Mission). AND-Mission is a Ministry program founded by a team of Christians in 2012 in Uganda. AND-Mission is aimed at strengthening capacities of Christian leadership and Christian-led Interventions in the fight against injustices, Poverty and Disaster, and so, saving people’s lives through strengthening the gospel teaching and ministry enhancement.

Apostles Network Development Mission has the role to meet the Christian Leadership needs (spiritual and social- economic) so that people may in totality understand God’s plan for an eternal life and may come to salvation.

Our Vision: “A Christ-centered Church equipped for transforming mission among people”

Our Goal: A Church that is an effective facilitator of spiritual and socio- economic development processes for God’s People

Our Mission: “Developing church leaders who love God, love people and are competently equipped to take the Gospel to the world.”

Our Purpose: The purpose of the AND-Mission work for pastors is to provide focused training and support, opportunity for growth in service, and cultivation of godly character-all within the context and care of our local church.

The Purpose for AND-Mission
Apostles Network Development Mission has the role to meet the Christian Leadership needs (spiritual and social- economic) so that people may in totality understand God’s plan for an eternal life and may come to salvation.

Why Apostles Network Development Mission?
The transforming mission of Jesus Christ would not have been successful if it was not through the work force of the 12 apostles. The world would have remained in darkness of sin and ignorance up to today. Jesus believed in the power of numbers to influence the world. He taught His followers to take His example. The church leaders who follow this example can powerfully transform their communities.

Our core values
1. Integrity and Accountability-(Mathew 25:23): AND-Mission upholds truthfulness and fosters the principle of transparency, honesty, dialogue and responsibility in all her operations and relationships.

2.Teamwork and Creativity-(1Corinthians 12:12-20) AND-Mission will operate as a family believing in open communication and dialogue, committed to supporting and encouraging one another and creating new ways of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in our ministry work

3. Faithfulness to Holy Scriptures-(2 Timothy 3:16-17): We believe in the authority of the written word of God as the basis for all that we do and seek to live and witness godliness.

4. Love and Respect for Humanity- (1 John 4:19-21): AND-Mission believes that everyone is made in the image of God and therefore upholds the respect for all humanity;

5.Partnership (-Eccl 4: 9-12): We believe in strong partnership building with like-minded churches, ministry teams, public and private institutions through effective collaboration and information sharing and maintaining harmonious relations with all our key stakeholders. Be honest when you ask God for advice.

The aim of the Church leaders Capacity Building program is very much in line with these ideals. We are seeking to train those of whatever background who are faithful men, able to teach others. Having already had these gifts tested and honed in the church, and during their time in ministry, they are now, with the full backing of the local church, seeking to prove themselves and be recognized by the church as men of God who are competently equipped for every good work as Pastor-Teachers under God.

Our Research is over. Reports give of astonishing growth in numbers of Pentecostal churches in Uganda and the rest of Africa. This growth has occurred so rapidly that formal training institutions like universities and seminaries will never be able to train enough pastors to shepherd these churches. Studies have shown that there are at least 15000 preachers in pulpits in this country every Sunday who have never had any theological training whatsoever.

In many areas of Uganda churches have an average of only one trained pastor for every 50 churches. A pastor from Kampala told us that his evangelical denomination has 80 congregations but only 9 trained pastors. It is evident that thousands of churches have been planted in Uganda over the last decade and similar growth is expected to continue. All the formal theological schools, seminaries and training institutions in the whole country can never train even 10% of the pastors needed for these churches.

It is said that in some of the areas of Uganda the Pentecostal Church is growing very fast. The structures simply cannot cope. The provision of adequate leadership is not keeping pace with the influx of people into the Church. There is a vast lack of the most basic Bible knowledge as well as foundational Christian doctrine amongst church members and their untrained leaders.

Pastoral education is now the highest priority in all mission work in fulfillment of the second part of the great commission of Matthew 28:19… Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.’

This is what God had in mind when he created us. He created us in his image so that we could think, make choices, use our creativity, build relationships, faithfully work at the tasks in our hand and be persons of influence in the lives of others.

When we live in relationship with him we begin to reflect his godly character and we produce the fruit of the Spirit named in Galatians 5:22-23 as: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The beauty of this fruit in our lives makes each of us a person of impact and influence.

At AND-Mission, we believe that God made every church leader persons of worth. He decided when he planned our lives what abilities he would give to each one of us. We all have varying amounts of ability to organize, lead, create or influence but we have the choice as to what we want to do with that which God has entrusted to us. We believe that God also gives us opportunities where we can use these abilities. The fruitfulness depends on how we care for, cultivate and use each of these abilities which in turn results in the fruitfulness of influencing the lives of the people God has placed in our world whether they be children, spouses, employees, friends or neighbors. We are special to God and he wants to use us to speak “words of life” into the lives of those around you.

God speaks “words of life” into our hearts every day. He says, “I created you in my image, I gave you abilities to rule, organize, manage your area of life, I gave you a creativity that if followed will bring you joy, I made you to be a person of influence, you are precious to me, I loved you so much that I gave my son to die for you and now I want you to be my representative to share this love with others on earth.”


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