Are there indicators that your church may be ready for a period of sustained growth? After speaking with literally thousands of church leaders, I have discovered some common threads among fast growing churches.

Some on this list are self-explanatory while others have supporting comments.
• Fast Growing Churches Are Unashamed to Preach Jesus – It is a common misconception that large churches water down the gospel.

• Fast Growing Churches Have A Great Senior/Lead Pastor

• Fast Growing Churches Are Staff Led – This is necessary for making quick decisions that are transformational, not simply transactional.

• Fast Growing Churches Have Stable, Unified Senior Leadership

• Fast Growing Churches Have A Volunteer Culture – The ability to integrate, equip, resource, and cheer on volunteers is critical to church health.

• Fast Growing Churches Reach Young Families

• Fast Growing Churches Have Incredible Children and Youth Departments – Most parents will put up with a lot if their children are happy. Been to a recital or baseball field lately?

• Fast Growing Churches Have Ministry Needs That Outpace Ministry Resources – Another common false belief is that churches only want your money. Many young families come to a church with a house note that stretches them, two car payments, and bank debt.

• Fast Growing Churches Are Clear On Vision and Strongly Defend It – Clarity on why we exist and what we are about is critical for creating ownership.

• Fast Growing Churches Connect Every Ministry Activity Back To The Overall Vision – Successful ministries tie everything back to the big picture for their people. Mistakes can be made when the various elements of ministry seem disconnected and autonomous.

• Fast Growing Churches Struggle With Connecting People Into Community – Growth is happening so fast that making sure everyone is in a small group is extremely difficult.

• Fast Growing Churches Preach About Money – Churches must answer the questions that people are asking. Jesus preached more on money and possessions than love and prayer. Get the picture.

• Fast Growing Churches Develop Financial Leaders Spiritually – Wealthy people can provide significant fuel to the ministry. Great pastors know who their wealthy people are and disciple them accordingly. See 1 Timothy 6:17-21.

• Fast Growing Churches Have A Congregation That Trusts The Leadership

• Fast Growing Churches Are Multi-Generational – The third misconception is that there is no place for older people in these new, fast growing environments. While the large percentage of the audience is younger, fast growing churches have a strong portion of their faith community that is seasoned and experienced.

• Fast Growing Churches Are Passionate about Un-churched People – No perfect people are allowed at fast growing churches!

• Fast Growing Churches Serve the Poor, Marginalized, and Under-Resourced – Young people especially are passionate about joining movements and faith communities that address social justice issues.



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