Today, many people are arguing about the existence of God and of His son Jesus Christ. And because of that, many Christians are not sure whether they are Christians. Even some world leaders have made statements like “the world is better without Church” and many people ask, “after all who is Jesus?”

The truth is that the world shall not be without church, “a nation without church is a devil’s industry” and the good news is that “the world shall never be without church at any time because the owner of the church has the highest authority over the world”.

This book is aimed at first of all, collecting those who think that the world can be better without church, those who give themselves authority to question the existence of God and His son Jesus Christ. But, the book is largely meant to equip those in the leadership of the church with knowledge and skills to prove themselves able-bodied men of God ready to defend the Church of Christ amidst these controversial times.

This is a Church building and leadership hand book designed to equip Pastors and others in the leadership of the church ministry with skills in Key Ministry Development, Leadership, Governance, Management and Community Development programming. The book is designed to address key Institutional/Program management, administration and governance needs of both the church as an institution and individuals in the leadership of the church. The target group includes Pastors/priests, Program managers, Administrators, Church workers, Church ministry leaders, Church Policy makers & Policy implementers.

This hand book includes several inter-related chapters. Each chapter will later have its own training module. The modules can be used by Pastors, church leaders and program managers as a basis for their individual as well as institutional advancement. The entire book is designed to suit different leadership, governance and management groups with different targets and therefore becomes a very useful asset to those who possess it.

The overall aim is to create Purpose-driven churches which are led by purpose-driven leaders. I believe purpose-driven leaders balance God’s purposes – not only in their own lives – but also within the churches they lead. The church today needs visionary leaders who are both spiritual and social entrepreneurs.

A few years ago we have been approached by various Church leaders on several occasions asking us to speak to their congregations and to help them to develop viable development plans and proposals for their church. After some research and a lot of conversations and consultations, the Apostles Network Development Mission (AND-Mission) program for training Church leaders is born. We’re not trying to replace the academic aspects of a theology or seminary education, but we believe that church-based training, mentoring, and ministry experience are essential components of preparation for pastoral ministry.

Reality! Church communities that improved the quality of basic essentials by an average of 4 percent or more, congregation and attendance increased an average of 23 percent per year! In ministries where the quality of essentials decreased significantly congregation and attendance dropped an average of 9 percent per year.

Are you stuck in your church work? Has your church growth leveled off or even started declining? We can relate.
Our research shows that most churches seem to face growth barriers at five key points: when attendance reaches 65, 125, 250, 500 and 1,000. In talking with pastors throughout the country, we’ve discovered that they all deal with the same inevitable barriers, so remember you’re not alone. However, by becoming proactive in learning to identify and break through these barriers, we can keep our momentum and continue growing for God’s glory. First and foremost, as a pastor looking to grow your church, make sure you’re always asking yourself the right question about church development and growth.

We are here to support you. Our purpose is to help churches grow by offering a service that helps leaders evaluate the ministry essentials that really make a difference. Many churches have been unable to grow. The good news is that churches that improved certain ministry essentials increased average congregation and attendance by 23% per year!

We make this offer because we would love to see more churches growing. Our research is over. It’s time to share. This church leaders Capacity Building hand book offers a fresh and flexible approach to theological education for those moving towards senior pastoral roles: “for faithful men, able to teach others seeking to prove themselves men of God who are competently equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 2:2; 3:17).

The aim is not to produce graduates accredited by the academic establishment but rather, without sacrificing any of the rigors of more traditional forms of study, to train church leaders who are qualified biblically for ministry by the church.

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