Our education mission

Our Mission

Uganda Vision Resource Centre is dedicated to improving the tomorrow of Kamwenge communities through the education of today’s children. We believe that the only way to improve tomorrow’s options and outcomes in Kamwenge is through education today.

Our Vision

We seek to support children, families, and their communities in their educational goals and to work alongside the existing educational systems with leadership present in local communities. Our vision is therefore focused on access, quality, and success in education.

Educational Access – We believe that every Kamwenge Child should have access to education. We work to identify potential roadblocks to educational attainment. We provide support, and programs to meet the identified needs and assist individual children in gaining access to education.

Educational Quality – We believe that every Kamwenge people should participate in and experience high quality education in preparation for the future. We support the work of parents and guardians through instruction, assessment, and training to enhance the educational experience.

Educational Success – We believe that every Kamwenge people should have the opportunity to achieve success through education. We work to increase school completion and attendance rates, decrease failure and dropout rates, and promote achievement in Ugandan education.

General Aim

Our aim is help every child achieve the highest degree of individual development of which he/she  is capable, keeping in mind the needs and values of the society he/she is living in.

To work with schools and families to stimulate in our pupils a sense of pride in their national heritage and culture, respect for their environment and the ability to observe only the best of other cultures.

Academic Aims

Development of skills, qualities of character, knowledge and physical well being.

To achieve personal satisfaction in an academic medium.

To provide learning opportunities where the child can be creative and use one’s initiative.

To foster an inquiring attitude among children.

To develop capacities for thought and judgment.

Social and Moral Aims

We promote social awareness of oneself and others.

We work with schools to provide the opportunity for children to interact with each other and with adults in a pleasant way, both at school and in other communities, thus becoming aware of the needs of others.

While acknowledging differences, they learn to appreciate and respect others.  We try to instill a code of social and moral behavior based on religious principles.

We work with schools to prepare our children for decent leisure and recreation.  The school tries to make the children understand that in a democratic society each individual has duties and obligations to the community as well as rights within it.

Religious aims

Education is at the service of ‘human maturity’.  It aims at the most complete achievement of varied activity expressing the potentialities of students in the context of their social environment.

The general objectives of religious education is to transmit, evoke and acquire knowledge, attitudes, values, skills and sensibilities according to the mind, values and sensibilities of God the creator. Religion is used as the service of the art of life in the religious dimension.

Though the core of the religious message is not primarily the ethical dimension, yet the religious message finds its concrete expression in character formation and good behavior.

In this Education Support Program we work with Kamwenge schools to improve the quality and competences in teaching and learning of these important subjects;


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