Our Education Development Philosophy

Our Education Development Philosophy

Over the past one year of our existence, Uganda Vision Resource Centre has developed a philosophy of education development with three basic components.

First and most obvious is the emphasis on high-quality affordable education for rural children. With its booming information economy, Uganda is a land where a good education is often a ticket out of poverty, but it is also a land with extraordinary educational stratification: children with opportunity and means can get an excellent education, while the majority of children have access to poor schools with poor home back ground. Rural schools are notoriously poor in contemporary Uganda.

Second is extra-curricular support for learners. Children from poor rural backgrounds often lack the confidence, knowledge, connections, and family support needed to move into good careers. Therefore ESP staffs and volunteers are to take personal interest in learners and assist in various ways, including providing personal counseling, persuading parents to keep children in school, and providing logistical support for schools and the learners.

Third is to put in place strategies aimed at keeping graduates connected to their home areas. Helping rural youths graduate and move to middle class careers in the city only depletes rural resources unless the graduates remain closely involved with their home communities. ESP will encourage graduates who have gotten excellent jobs in Kampala and elsewhere to intervene in children’s education back in the village. Graduates also will be encouraged to return to participate in village life, and offer advice and encouragement to younger students.

The goal of ESP is therefore, to mobilize, and strengthen capacities of Community leaders, schools, and families to work in their areas of influence to address education concerns in Kamwenge District.

Our aim is Student Successes

Learners’ success is what drives us to take actions to continue. Learners want to succeed. Normally successful learners begin each year believing that they will do well. Typically unsuccessful learners also start each year with the hope that this year might be different. It is our job as education supporters to work with teachers to foster that hope and find ways to help every learner become successful. Obviously, this is not 100% possible, but does not mean it’s not a goal to strive for.

At Uganda Vision Resource Centre-ESP we work to improve access and the quality of education supporting Kamwenge communities to achieve their future goals. We work with local guardians and stakeholders to improve educational facilities and the lives of students. We continue to work diligently towards the goals we first set out for ourselves and appreciate the support from other partners and stakeholders.


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