Facilitating Teaching and Learning in  Schools





Our Education Support Program (ESP) is aimed at facilitating schools, communities and families to ensure success in learning of the children.

What we believe in/our motivation toward education development

As Christians, we believe that God designed man as spiritual as well as physical and social beings, and our aim is to minister to the needs of the whole person.

We believe that teaching is a universal pursuit-everybody does it. Parents teach their children, employers teach their employees, coaches teach their players, wives teach their husbands (and vice versa), Christian leaders teach their parishioners and, of course, professional teachers teach their students.

We believe in teachers who spend an amazing amount of time teaching young people. Some of that time is richly rewarding because helping children of any age learn new skills or acquire new insights is a joyous experience. It makes one feel good-as a parent, a teacher, or leader to contribute to the growth of a child, to realize one has given something of oneself to enrich the life of another human being. It is exhilarating to watch a young person take from a teaching relationship something new that will expand his understanding of the world or add to his repertoire of skills.

But as everybody knows, teaching young people can also be terribly frustrating and fraught with disappointment. All too often, parents, teachers, and other educators discover to their dismay that their enthusiastic desire to teach something worthwhile to young people somehow fails to engender an enthusiastic desire in their students to learn. Instead, those who endeavor to teach encounter stubborn resistance, low motivation, short attention spans, inexplicable disinterest, and often open hostility.

When young people, seemingly without reason, refuse to learn what adults are so unselfishly and altruistically willing to teach them, teaching is anything but exhilarating. In fact, it can be a miserable experience leading to feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, sheer exasperation and, too frequently, deep resentment toward the unwilling and ungrateful learner.

Uganda Vision Resource Centre Education Programs (ESP) uses a mentoring model of teaching, which was demonstrated by Jesus as He taught His disciples. He taught people; He fed the hungry, compassionately cared for those in need and taught His followers to do the same. Christian educators who follow this example can powerfully impact their entire society.


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